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It takes 20-60 minutes long by car from your hotel around Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Seminyak to get our office in Sanur. After arriving to Dolphin Lodge office in Sanur, all participants will have a chance about 15 minutes to have a coffee break or change your own wetsuit before you will board to the speed boat. When all participant get ready, our instructor will outline you about 5 minutes regarding some important safety rules such as “do not touch the dolphin’s eyes, blowhole or mouth” and some other rules. Dolphin Lodge is located in the ocean. From Pier to the dolphin lodge or the floating pool of Dolphin will take 05-10 minutes by boat (depend of the current at the moment). You will have an effective time of 30 minutes duration into the pool of dolphin lodge to interact and play with our intelligent dolphin privately in many tricks by way of kissing, hugging ,swimming and petting and even only watching and take a photo. After enjoying your session, our speed boat ready to transfer back you to Dolphin Lodge  office and you will have about 15 minutes break time before we transfer back to your hotel.
Dolphin Lodge has 10 pools in the floating landing stage or pontoon with distance is very near one another. It also has a total of 10 dolphins with each pool containing one dolphin. Participants come and book to Dolphin lodge by couple or family. One family usually consists of 3-5 persons. We will split the guest with composition one couple plus one family in one pool or 3 couples in one pool. That means there will be only maximum 6 or 7 participants in one pool. Dolphin Lodge has 4 sessions of dolphin activities daily (session 1, session 2, session 3, session 4). Embarkation time for session 1 start at 09:30am, embarkation time for session 2 start at 11.00am, embarkation time for session 3 start at 14:00am, embarkation time for session 4 start at 15:30am. We always send down 4 dolphins regularly in one session. This means we only use 4 pools in one session and other dolphins will take a rest. We restrict our participants in 24 to 30 in each session. We have 4 sessions of departure daily and each session has maximum only 24-30 participants (limited space). See our schedule departure & pick up time here.
Note :
  1. Children under 5 years can get into the pool but must be carried by parents.
  2. All guests must bring their own swim suit and we only provide life jacket for free.

The following is some terms that are useful to you :

  1. Watching : you just watch our dolphin from the edge of pool (not going into pool).
  2. Interaction : you go into pool and interacting with our intelligent dolphin such as touching, kissing, hugging, petting and hold or message.
  3. swimming: you will be pulled through the water by dolphin or swimming with dolphin where you can move from one point to other point by swimming.
  4. If you take swimming program, you automatically will do interaction but if you take interaction program, you cannot do swimming (something different ).



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