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There are three places in Bali can bring you to exploring and experiencing dolphin life while observing and learning about wild dolphin. They are Peninsula of Benoa in South Bali and Lovina Beach in North Bali and Dolphin Lodge in Serangan. To watching Dolphin in their original habitat, you can choose spot in Peninsula of Benoa and in Lovina Beach. Both of these places enable you to watching them directly in ocean. In Peninsula of Benoa, our guide will bring you to the best spots to find these beautiful creatures in their routine activities using our ocean raft with high speed boat of powerful. But in Lovina Beach, we will take you using our local boat to find them in their natural habitat. As ambassadors of ocean environment, we do not allow you to touch the dolphin in their diverse natural habitat. Instead we will offer you to watch dolphin in our dolphin lodge in Serangan island where you can interact & taste the thrill of private contact by way of kissing, message, hugging, petting and play with our intelligent dolphin in many tricks, even you can hold back dolphin. Don’t forget to take a picture with our friendly dolphin for recalls memories of you. We call this place with the name of dolphin serangan interaction & swimming with dolphin in serangan..
About Dolphins
Dolphins are intelligent creatures and protected. They have many sizes from 1.2 m and 40 kg up to 9.5 m and 10 tons (the Orca or killer whale). They live worldwide in almost forty species in 17 countries. They are carnivores and mostly eating fish and squid. Every dolphin has signature whistles that are similar to human names. Dolphins use theses signature whistles to acknowledge other dolphin and to call their fellows by name. Dolphin able to acknowledge signature whistles of other dolphins even after being separated more than 20 years. This is evidence of the longest social recollection ever recorded in a non-human species.

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