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Swimming with dolphin

Swimming with dolphin What do you do in the swimming with dolphin program? During 30 minutes duration, you will have a chance to swimming with dolphin where dolphin will pull you by swimming using backstroke. It look as if you are pulled by the dolphin. Each of you will have a turn or chance to swimming with our intelligent dolphin. You also have the opportunity to dance with dolphin by raising your hand while spin rocking 360 degrees clockwise. In […]

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Interaction with dolphin

Interaction with dolphin edit We provide program of interaction with dolphin 4 times a day in Bali.  Dolphin Serangan as one of management in responsible and sustainable of wild dolphin can guarantee to be a fun and entertaining experience for both you and your family. We call it “interaction with dolphin” where you will have time to caress, kisses and cuddles with dolphin.. As one of the pioneer that building floating pool for the dolphin in the ocean, Dolphin Serangan […]

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swim with dolphin

WATCHING, INTERACTING, HUGGING, KISSING, PETTING & PLAYING WITH DOLPHIN There are three places in Bali can bring you to exploring and experiencing dolphin life while observing and learning about wild dolphin. They are Peninsula of Benoa in South Bali and Lovina Beach in North Bali and Dolphin Lodge in Serangan. To watching Dolphin in their original habitat, you can choose spot in Peninsula of Benoa and in Lovina Beach. Both of these places enable you to watching them directly in […]

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